Cabinet Woes

Last updated on January 1, 1970


Just finished a kitchen remodel, only to find the kitchen designer designed us a flaw. Our top cabinet next to the stove will open to a 90 degree angle but in doing so hits the corner of the stove fan cover. In time I can see the cabinet door ending up with a nice gouge right in the middle of the door. Is there something we can use to adjust the door from opening to a full 90 degree angle?



I have seen this problem before.  It’s one of those design details that gets forgotten but can be a real nuisance when you are using your new kitchen.  It really hurts when the new cabinets get a scratch or gouge.

The best remedy I have seen is to attach a piece of small chain on the inside of the cabinet face frame to the inside of the door.  Set the chain length so when the door is opened it is at least 1” short of allowing the door to hit the range hood.  After a while, you will get use to opening the door without yanking the chain.

Other than for this problem, I hope you are enjoying your new kitchen.