January 1, 1970


Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder

I am preparing to reside in an older house. Built around the mid 20’s it has oak planking as original sheathing. Then 15lb felt and something similar to selvage in a pattern to look like brick siding. Can I leave the selvage and go with either fan Styrofoam type 3/16 insulation before the vinyl or can I use Tyvack under the Styrofoam?

Thank you, William


I don’t know why you couldn’t use a insulation board then cover it with Tyvek.  To learn more about the many uses of Tyvek, visit their web site at:


Tyvek is an excellent water and moisture barrier that controls the flow of moisture in and out of your home.  Tyvek is also available with small grooves to allow for water to flow down and out from behind the siding that you install.  Make certain to overlap your seams and use window tape around your openings to provide for a better seal.

Happy Remodeling,