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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Debby Allmon, Vice President

Q: Is it possible to successfully add height to sofa legs? I have always heard that old frames from the ’60s and ’70s are better because of the quality of the wood used in making them. However, my sofa and chairs are too low now that I am a senior and have difficulty getting up from them. What do your experts say?

A: If the existing legs on your sofa screw on, then raising the height is easy. Simply remove the leg and replace with a taller one. There are several varieties and sizes of legs available at
If your legs are not easily removed, there are sofa risers available for purchase. These risers have been used for exactly the purpose you describe — when a sofa is too low to safely stand up or sit down. The risers are typically cup-shaped pieces that you place underneath each existing leg (for more information, go to If you don’t like the look of the risers, you could substitute blocks of wood (purchased at a home improvement store) and stain or paint them to match the existing leg.

If you raise your sofa using blocks, you should have an inch of space around the sofa leg when it is sitting on the block for stability. For example, a 2-inch leg would need a 4-inch block.