Grayson Leweke

From Kansas City to Hollywood and back, Grayson has exercised his passion for craft his whole life. He earned his bachelor’s in sculpture from the University of Kansas, married the love of his life, and moved to the west coast to further nurture his artistic talent. He built and designed Hollywood sets, including a prop barbecue situated in the engine compartment of a Ford Expedition for Jay Rock’s “Rotation 112th” music video. After three years in Hollywood, his wife and he realized the west coast was not the place to build their life, and the couple moved back to Kansas City.

Grayson continued working in the arts, building the mayor’s Crown Center 2019 Christmas tree by bolting every branch to the trunk, and creating a massive Kauffman Center display for the Kansas City Symphony. The pandemic occasioned a big shift in his career path, and he transitioned his manual and artistic skills into residential construction. 

He’s quickly built skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, welding, and masonry. Grayson knows asking questions is the best way to establish common ground when getting to know clients. In discussing projects, he prioritizes polite transparency and clarity, working to understand clients’ desires and presenting realistic solutions. Grayson finds fulfillment in devising innovative solutions to unforeseen problems, transforming raw materials into someone’s dream, and enhancing clients’ quality of life through his work. 

Though they don’t have children yet, Grayson and his wife have a beautiful pitbull mastiff mix named Teddy. Grayson treasures board game nights with friends and family and gets his exercise outdoors camping, bowhunting, and frequenting frisbee golf courses around the city. In addition to visual arts, Grayson has decades of experience playing percussion and has more recently started exploring his talent with stringed instruments.