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Last updated on January 15, 2021

It’s safe to say we made a lot of new friends after the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2016 Remodeled Homes Tour. More than 500 people visited the two Schloegel Design Remodel homes featured in this year’s tour, which took place April 23 and 24.

This Lee’s Summit kitchen mixed old cabinetry and new to create a modern kitchen with elegant touches.

The tour helps people see the latest trends in home remodeling and design, as well as gives tour-goers the chance to chat with designers about any ideas they may have. The tour also holds a special place in our hearts, as part of the proceeds from ticket sales benefit Habitat for Humanity – Kansas City, an organization we’re happy to help support.

With exotic wood floors and a tile and glass mosaic, The Lee’s Summit kitchen Schloegel Design Remodel featured on the tour was certainly a can’t-miss stop. Donna Krisopp, who designed the space, said that most people who came through the door had never remodeled before. Tour-goers were interested to learn that, despite the modern and elegant feel of the space, the kitchen featured both new and old cabinetry. Donna said that many people were unaware that they didn’t always have to start from scratch when remodeling.

Debby shows off her custom China hutch, which was a big showstopper for the tour.
Debby shows off her custom China hutch, which was a big showstopper for the tour.

Designer Debby Allmon’s kitchen renovation (which you can read all about here) attracted more than 400 people to her Waldo home. Her custom China hutch was the biggest showstopper, she said.

Debby’s kitchen hadn’t been remodeled since the 1980s and its previous layout was disjointed and cramped. The remodeling project included installing custom cabinetry, a large island, an intimate banquette area and a new powder bath and mudroom.

DSC_7209 (3)
Debby’s kitchen remodeling project turned a disjointed and cramped space into a functional, stylish kitchen fit for a modern family.

Debby said that Schloegel homes are always big hits on NARI’s Remodeled Homes Tour. At one point, she even heard someone say “there is just something better about the Schloegel Homes.”

With that in mind, we certainly plan on impressing you again at next year’s Remodeled Homes Tour!



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