January 1, 1970

At this South Kansas City home we’re working with this customer to provide complete home maintenance.  In the last year we’ve completed a custom kitchen remodel, wood rot repair, painting and window replacement.

Most recently we replaced four casement windows at the front of the house.  The existing windows were the original wood casement windows from the 1970’s (of course we followed the Renovate Repair and Paint guidelines for pre ’78 homes).  The windows were rotten and required a two-person team to open and close!

The new windows installed were a combination of clad windows by Marvin on the lower level and fiberglass windows by Integrity at the upper level.  During replacement we tapered the box-out sill to allow for proper drainage of water away from the window and wrapped the sill with a custom made brake metal pan.  The windows were painted and left ready for the customer to enjoy the cool fall breeze!

Have windows or sashes that need replacement?  Do you have exterior or interior rot at windows?  Contact Charlie with Schloegel Property Solutions to assist in repairs or replacement in any area of your home!  (816) 361-9669 or [email protected]