Regretting your design? Consider remodeling.

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

There are a million different reasons to redesign a space. We recently read a blog that reminded us of one of the most common reasons: functionality. Does a wall in your home just not make sense to you? Or maybe a closet could be better placed somewhere else to open up a room. One blogger’s experience with a toilet’s location is the perfect example of remodeling for functionality.

Are you happy with your bathroom's design?

In “What were they thinking?! Bad Design Layouts,” a blogger harps on one particular bathroom’s location in a lake house. She says,

“How about a home on the lake with no bathroom in the walkout basement? That’s right – everyone has to run through the basement and up the stairs to the bathroom or up through the deck, through the dining room and kitchen to the bathroom.”

This particular blogger ended up going with a new flushing system, but a number of redesign options could have been considered as well. Have you ever considered remodeling an annoyance in your house? Leave your story in a comment!