Virgil Hayes

Virgil brings a wide set of skills in the trades and beyond. After studying ag business, he earned certifications in woodworking, industrial welding, and drafting. He served in the U.S. Navy for three years welding high-pressure pipes and plates. Besides expertise in all aspects of welding and sheet metal fabrication, Virgil has experience in cabinet and furniture design and fabrication (including art furniture), hand-drawing 2- and 3-d blueprints, and multimedia art processes.

His approach to working with customers is simple; he breaks the ice with a smile and a handshake. Knowing that ideas are the first step in bringing any design to life, he collaborates with clients to understand, develop, and execute their vision.

In his long career in the trades, he’s seen and done many interesting things. On the job, he's encountered everything from ghosts to a bathroom wall with thousands of razor blades. He has designed and built a host of curious projects, from a display of flying pigs to a hodgepodge eight-foot sculpture of a running man.

Despite his many talents, Virgil is a man of simple joys. He loves cold beer and barbecue. Though he didn’t share how long it took him, he once walked a mile to school on his hands. He cherishes his two girls, two boys, and the family's two dogs.