2019 Big Splash Bathroom Reveal III – The Flores Family

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Last updated on September 20, 2023

We are so excited to reveal Henry Flores’s new bathroom. It’s a unique bathroom designed for an amazing kid.

Here’s a peek at Henry showing off his new bathroom.

Henry’s Existing Bathroom

Henry Flores is an amazing little boy who already has overcome obstacles you and I couldn’t imagine! He was born without arms and legs. Even without them, Henry has adapted to every element of his life. Henry’s old bathroom wasn’t at all conducive to Henry’s needs. Everything was at standards heights and the shower had a rim with the door hardware which made stepping in and out difficult for Henry. Henry’s mom said he often ended up using the restroom in the dark because he couldn’t reach any of the switches. With a few specialized bathroom features, he’ll be able to do the same thing in the bathroom and gain independence.

An Innovative Design

Leslie Hatfield and Amy Brown really thought outside the box to create a bathroom that perfectly fits Henry’s needs. Unfortunately, this bathroom took us much longer than a standard Big Splash bathroom for several reasons but the largest being COVID. Hopefully, the end result was worth the wait for Henry!










Creating a Bathroom Just for Henry

Don Richeson and Kris Worden worked efficiently to complete Henry’s bathroom in three and a half weeks. They took out the existing shower and replaced it with a zero-entry shower. The new faucet and lever handles were installed at a height perfect for Henry to turn it on.

They also removed the small closet next to the shower where they installed a ground-level toilet. This was our first in-ground toilet so we learned something new! Next to the toilet, they installed a small sink which is the perfect height for Henry. Additionally, we replaced the existing toilet with a bidet seat toilet. New light switches were installed at Henry’s height and finally new tiled completed the bathroom. It’s not a large space but it’s now fully functional for Henry.

Rachel, Henry’s mom, said, “This has turned out so much better than I imagined. The freedom Henry has is unbelievable. The simple task of being able to turn on the light by himself is so exciting.” Henry has shown off how easy his new bathroom is to the Schloegel team and we are beyond thrilled for him! Thank you, Flores, for letting us get to know Henry and your family!

Leslie Hatfield said it best when she emailed the team working on Henry’s bathroom, “Thank you all for pulling this off. I’ll close with tears of joy in my eyes!  We do work for the best remodeling company in KC!❤️❤️❤️”


We CAN NOT do these Big Splash projects without our AMAZING vendors and subs. Truly they make these projects possible and we want to say thank you to each of them!


Grandview Winnelson Company

Inception Plumbing

Jason Wright Electric



Pro Source

Waldo Sherwin Williams


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