Recent Projects in

North Kansas City, MO

Welcome to North Kansas City, a vibrant suburb that embodies the perfect blend of community spirit and innovative living. As a premier home remodeling contractor, we're excited to showcase our exceptional projects in this dynamic neighborhood. From revitalizing historic residences to infusing modern design into contemporary homes, our expertise transforms spaces while preserving their unique character. Explore our portfolio to witness how we've seamlessly merged functionality with aesthetics, shaping homes that truly reflect the essence of North Kansas City's diverse charm. Partner with us to unlock the potential of your home in this thriving suburban haven.

With an awkward layout and standard cabinets under 9-foot ceilings, this kitchen needed a transformation. Ron reimagined the space, introducing a new layout with a spacious island and taller cabinets. The result? A stunning, spacious, and highly functional kitchen tailored perfectly for the family's needs.

Immerse in captivating dark tones, this full house remodel epitomizes moody elegance. From the dining room to the primary suite, nearly every facet underwent a transformation. The kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms were revitalized, with a striking pergola addition as a crowning touch.

A transitional bathroom transformation fulfilled the homeowners' spa-like aspirations. The revamped space boasts a spacious shower and a new double vanity, harmonizing gray and white tiles with a warm wood vanity and gold accents. The final touch of the homeowner's decor enhances this beautiful primary bathroom renovation.