Our 3 Step Design Remodel Process Provides the Ultimate Client Experience

Charlie Schloegel Shares Our Remodeling Process

Step 1 - Design & Planning
First, we need to do a little discovery. In our initial meeting, we'll do everything we can to learn about your goals, style, ideas, likes, and dislikes. We will also discuss general project ideas and even budgets, but the main goal is to determine if we're an excellent fit for you.
If it's a great fit, we'll move into Design. Design is where the fun happens! You'll see several plan options built by our on-staff degreed architect and the design time. After selecting the one that works best for you, we get to make your selections. Working closely with your Designer, you'll choose finishes, fixtures, tile, colors, and more. Then see all that come to life in a 3D rendering.
With your design mapped out, we'll present you with a Construction Contract. This contract is all-inclusive of your project, including subcontractor costs, materials, and labor. Now it's time to start planning your remodel. This is where the design remodel process stands out. Your Designer and Project Director make sure all of the required materials, craftsmen, schedules, deadlines, and budgets are mapped out to keep your project running smoothly.

Step 2 - Construction

With your plan and schedule clearly defined, it's time to start construction. Before the hammers swing, we will introduce you to your remodeling team. Your team will include a Project Director, Project Manager, your Designer, and of course, you, the client.
Your Project Director and Manager will handle every aspect of the pre-construction and construction phases, including scheduling, permitting, material delivery, and provides updates on progress. Our carpenters are held to the highest standard in the industry and know that their only job is to get every detail just right.
Consistent communication throughout your remodel is crucial to its success, which is why your entire remodeling team will get together weekly, to review the project, follow up on action items, and keep the project on track. We will provide you with a detailed schedule so you know what to expect every day. Additionally, you'll have access to our online tool Buildertrend to see a summary of the day's work and photos of progress. 

Step 3 - Post Construction

Congratulations, you made it through construction! With Schloegel you can count on the project being on time and on budget. Unless you change something after contract or we encounter something unforeseen your contract price will be your final price.
Upon your project's completion, you'll have a Project Presentation where we'll walk through your remodel with you to  ensure you're completely satisfied. Then we'll issue the Schloegel two-year warranty on your project to guarantee all craftsmanship so you can enjoy your new space worry-free.

Welcome To The Schloegel Family!

Even when we’re not there, we’re family! Our Handyman Services team is here to help keep your house maintained even when you’re not doing a large project. Our Handyman technicians can tackle anything from wood rot to installing new windows. If you decide to tackle another large project, we’re here for that too.

What is Design Build

Design Build is a seamless practice used widely in commercial construction. We took the “one point of contact” model of efficiency and effectiveness it offers and transformed the remodeling industry by introducing our “design remodel” process. No matter what your project calls for, we bring the same exacting process to ensure that your remodeling project, or even your small handyman project, is done exactly as promised every time.

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