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Last updated on April 13, 2023

Beautiful, well-designed projects are a hallmark of a Schloegel remodel, but something else is, too, our 2-year warranty. Every completed Schloegel project has a 2-year craftsmanship warranty, so we’re delving into what that means.

We hold a Final Presentation with the client(s) upon each project’s completion. The project’s designer, manager, and director are all in attendance. They’ll cover caring for your project, show how things may work, cover general questions, ask if you are happy with the final product/process, and provide a warranty certificate.


What to Expect with Your Warranty

We’ll contact you 60 days and ten months after your project completion to check in and see if you have any concerns or things to address.

60-Day Warranty Visit

Around 60 days after your project wraps up, your Schloegel designer will reach out to schedule a time to visit your home. Once there, you’ll walk through the project and identify anything that needs to be addressed. We do these 60 days after because sometimes you need a chance to live in your space to determine if something isn’t right. You may have found a paint touch-up or a cabinet shelf that doesn’t sit right. Your designer will assemble a list of things that need immediate attention and track items to watch at the next warranty visit. From there, you can expect your project director to reach out, schedule a time, and address everything on your list.

10-Month Warranty

At ten months, your project director will reach out to see how your project is doing. Many manufacturer warranties expire at 12 months, so ten months is ideal. It gives us enough time to determine if there is a defect and get it addressed within their warranty period. Ten months also means your project has lived through all four seasons. Things tend to shift as the moisture content shrinks, and your cabinets, trim, floors, etc., have a chance to settle.

2-Year Warranty

After our team has addressed any concerns at ten months, clients still have another 14 months to give us a call should anything else arise.

What Does a Craftsmanship Warranty Mean?

Our 2-year warranty does not cover the manufacturer’s warranties, but it does cover craftsmanship; this means project installation. We at Schloegel hold ourselves to a higher standard of craftsmanship. Plumb, level, and square are standard expectations. However, things shift, especially when it’s an addition or walls have moved. It’s unavoidable. All wood retains moisture; as moisture content shrinks in cabinetry, you’ll see slight shifts. If you’ve added on to your home, the soil around your new foundation will settle, and this also causes shifts in cabinets, doors, etc. Schloegel will address all of this in your 2-Year Warranty.

Most Common Warranty Fixes

There are some common things we see in many projects:

  • Cracks where the backsplash meets the countertop
  • The cabinet trim may pull away from the ceiling a bit
  • Cabinet doors need adjusting (see below)
  • Exterior doors shift 
  • Grout may have cracked in the tile

As our VP of Production, Chris Peterson, says, it’s where there’s an intersection of two materials that we usually find things that need attention.

Yes, we’ll fix all these things, but it’s the things that don’t need fixing that our clients appreciate. Sometimes that’s showing a client how their heated floor works or helping set up their smart appliances. Our team goes the extra step to create the Ultimate Client Experience! 

Have questions about a remodel or our warranty process? Give us a call!