Recent Projects in Waldo Kansas City, MO

Welcome to the vibrant community of Waldo in Kansas City, where classic charm meets modern living. As a premier home remodeling contractor, we are thrilled to present our portfolio of exceptional projects within this beloved neighborhood. Known for its tree-lined streets and diverse architecture, Waldo is a treasure trove of homes waiting to be revitalized. Our expertise in blending contemporary design with the area's distinct character ensures that each project is a testament to seamless transformation. Explore our showcase and witness how we have reimagined kitchens, transformed living spaces, and revitalized exteriors to create homes that capture the essence of Waldo's timeless appeal. Join us in turning your Waldo residence into a modern masterpiece that pays homage to the neighborhood's rich heritage.

In the heart of Kansas City, a beloved yet time-worn kitchen required expansion to accommodate a growing family. Signs of wear were evident, appliances lacked a home, and a partition wall was removed, opening up the space. Contemporary updates include generous counter space, innovative storage, and new appliances. Soft blue cabinetry revitalizes the area, blending seamlessly with the home's palette.

Homeowners sought renewal for their bungalow's exterior, worn by time. The Handyman and Paint Services team adeptly revitalized it, blending white cedar woodwork with navy accents, adding dimension. The result: a youthful charm and a REMY-nominated, Gold-recognized transformation, a testament to finesse and craftsmanship.