About US

At Schloegel, we are passionate about remodeling and know our people make your remodeling experience exceptional. Our team is full of talented people from all walks of life who come together to deliver the ultimate client experience and have fun while delivering it. Yes, it is a tall order, especially when living amongst a construction site, but we are up to the challenge.
In addition to being a team of fantastic people, we have a pretty great story, too. Schloegel was officially founded when Jake Schloegel purchased a contracting company for $300 from W.E. Porch in January of 1980. That $300 bought him a wooden box, two old step-ladders, and a dream to grow. His vision was to run a company with great people and offer a fantastic remodeling experience. He named it Schloegel Contracting Company and ran it out of his basement. Just five years later, Schloegel Contracting was thriving, and Jake moved it to its own office at 6032 Troost.
Jake quickly learned that he could not deliver the ideal client experience using the existing design/construction model. Clients would spend thousands of dollars hiring architects to develop plans for their remodeling projects. These plans addressed all the homeowners dreams, but construction budgets were generally not considered when designing. Clients were more often than not disappointed when they found out the cost of their dream project. The high price put their dreams out of reach. Jake set out to fix this problem.

He and his team developed a design remodel process meaning they would take full responsibility for the design and remodel. This process takes budgets into account out of the gate and helps manage expectations throughout the remodeling process. Great team members working together, communication, and the process of design remodel have set our projects apart from those in the industry. While we have made tweaks to this process over the years, its foundation still exists in our process today! Learn more about our process. To make sure our message and what we do is clear Jake changed the name to Schloegel Design Remodel. 

Perhaps one of our proudest moments came in 2005 when Schloegel received the American Business Ethics Award in the small company category. Doing what is right is not always the easiest route, often it's not, but we know that ethics are the driving force behind our business. Our team members never have to second-guess how to get something done because doing it right is the only option. They know the leaders of our company will always be honest and make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients, team members, and the company.
After running a successful remodeling company for nearly 40 years, Jake was ready to take a backseat. In 2018 he sold the company to Chris Peterson, MCR, CRPM, CLC, and his son Charlie Schloegel, CR, UDCP.
As co-owners, Chris and Charlie have continued to grow Schloegel Design Remodel. Maintaining its mission and core values is paramount. Those core values of Integrity, Quality, Respect, Accountability, Fun, Self-Growth, Innovation, & Fiscal Responsibility have led to our success over the past 40 years. These core values aren’t just words we put in a document they are our guiding principles.

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