Recent Projects in

De Soto, KS

Welcome to De Soto, a serene haven where historic charm harmonizes with modern living. As a dedicated home remodeling contractor, we take pride in rejuvenating houses to reflect the essence of this picturesque suburb. Explore our gallery of projects that capture De Soto's unique character, from timeless interiors to outdoor retreats. Witness how we blend innovative design with meticulous craftsmanship, breathing new life into every corner of these homes.

In De Soto, a dream kitchen and basement makeover unfolded under Megan and Leslie's expertise. Formerly partitioned and dim, the basement now boasts a revitalized, airy ambiance. Natural wood cabinets remain in the kitchen, complemented by a new island, countertops, white tile backsplash, and fixtures. Additional enhancements include a brand-new powder bath, full bath, laundry, and mud room spaces.

Designed by Leslie Hatfield, this breathtaking outdoor living oasis caters to a family that relishes cooking and hosting. Beneath the impressive two-story porch, discover a cozy dining nook, a grand two-story fireplace, and a comfortable sitting area. Abundant seating spots invite relaxation while soaking in panoramic pools and countryside vistas.