Our Handyman Services Team Gives an Existing Fireplace an Updated Look

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Last updated on September 20, 2023

As the weather continues to warm in Kansas City, our Handyman Services Team has been busy! They recently finished this fireplace in Leawood. A few changes and the amazing result is a drastic contrast to the original.

Before entering the home, the windows next to the front door perfectly frame the fireplace. Inside, this client’s home is a tranquil one with shades of blue that accent the entire living space. An extensive but cohesive collection of baubles, trinkets, and tropical plants is displayed throughout. This homeowner loves how much light spills in throughout the day and considers the fireplace a focal point of the home. Troy Stout, Thomas Schauffler, and Casey Lynch worked together to make this hearth shine!

The Fireplace Before 

The fireplace before didn’t quite fit in with its oak mantel and gold doors. The overall tone was too warm and distracting. Our Handyman Services Team worked with our client to create a whole new look for this fireplace. While there, they also patched drywall cracks throughout the home that appear when the weather warms, houses shift, and all that extra sunlight allows for heightened visibility of imperfections.

The Fireplace After

The new fireplace is so elegant and compliments the rest of the living space with a cooler palette and displays an exceptional level of craftsmanship. The mantel stayed much the same but got a new dusty blue paint job that blends with the rest of the living area. New marble tile was also installed, and a set of glass doors in a matte black finish gave it a modern touch. It is now the perfect backdrop for their greenery and unique artwork. We love how their vintage, Thonet-style rocking chair now pops with a much more cohesive look!

We are very proud of our Handyman Services team’s work for this client and their sweet space. Have a similar project on your To Do List? Contact our Handyman Services Department, and let’s get it started!