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Last updated on September 22, 2023

Last Thursday, April 2, Amy Brown walked us through some of the more popular design trends we’re seeing in 2020. The timing of our first virtual workshop was ideal with the environment we’re all currently in and we were so excited to have wonderful participation! If you are anything like us this extra time at home has you thinking more and more about updates you’d like to make to your home and its fun to look at kitchen design trends to see what you like and what may work for you.

Multi-Tone Kitchens

Yes, we’ve been installing kitchens with different island and perimeter cabinet colors for several years but more recently we’re starting to see lowers in one color and uppers in another. In some cases, such as the kitchen above a third tone is brought in, in this one, it’s the fun blue island and bar area. We like the idea of a lighter, often painted, cabinet for the uppers and a darker and/or stained cabinet for the lowers. The stain is a bit more forgiving in everyday life as lower cabinets tend to take much more wear. We’ve seen this look in transitional, traditional and even contemporary styles and love it!

Quartzite Counters

Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. Through a process of high heating and pressurization, sandstone is transformed into Quartzite, an extremely strong and durable natural stone. When heated, individual quartz pieces recrystallize giving it a beautiful and decorative sparkling pattern. We love Quartzite as an alternative to marble as you get the beautiful movement but isn’t as susceptible to damage from staining or chipping. It’s extremely durable and long-lasting.

Dark Colors in the Kitchen

We’ve seen a resurgence of dark colors both in kitchens and throughout the home. We love choosing an element to play with the dark colors such as the cabinets, counters or accents and then bring in lighter colors to compliment. Dark in itself acts as a neutral so you could use a navy, dark gray, black or even dark green.

Butcher Block Counters

Butcher block popularity seems to keep growing. We now see it in all types of wood species, colors, and even finishes. In the picture shown above the table is incorporated into the counter and toped with a sealed butcher block. We also still see entire counters, often islands done in butcher block and more recently a section of a counter which can be used for actual food preparation.

Open Shelves

Open shelving inside the kitchen is a pretty new trend. In some instances, the shelves totally replace upper cabinets as shown above. Our client had removed the fronts of their old cabinets and loved the open feel and the abundance of light that flowed in. In other applications, it serves as storage in a corner or in a smaller area.

Steel Hoods or Metal Hoods

Historically range hoods have been stainless steel made by the manufacturer or an insert in a cabinet piece. More and more we’re seeing the look of steel or metal hoods with varying shapes, colors and accents in other wards very customized to each kitchen. It’s a great way to add a high design piece into the kitchen and incorporate colors and metals from other kitchen elements.

Colored and Mixed Metal Appliances

Similar to hood ranges, fun appliances are also sitting center stage. While stainless steel still reigns supreme, we’re seeing new colors and mixed accents. We’re also seeing white and black appliances reemerge but with a twist. The white is often matte and the black is also matte or black stainless steel.

Unique Storage Options

We love the new and creative options available for storage and if it’s not available we can help create it! Whether it’s a drawer with a separate area for pots and pans, a hidden step, or an appliance garage these options help make your kitchen more functional each day while keeping its appearance clean.

Hidden Appliances

Clients love the looks of clean, uninterrupted lines and integrating your appliances with a panel is a great way to achieve that. Fridge panels have been around for some time but we’re starting to see options in many other appliances including the dishwasher, like the image above.

Slab Backsplashes

Yes, tile is by far the most widely used material when creating a backsplash but we are also seeing stone slab backsplashes. Again, they provide a clean uninterrupted line and continue the counter pattern up the wall. We also have seen complimentary slabs and features within the slab such as a ledge.

Hopefully, you learned something new or a picture captured your attention. Looking at kitchen design trends is a fun distraction right now and next time you see a kitchen picture you’ll likely notice one of the trends we shared. Great job Amy!

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