A Client Considers Schloegel’s Maintenance Free Way to Age in Place

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

by Charlie Schloegel

When taking a look at a customer’s proposed project recently, we discussed our Schloegel Property Solutions division with them.  The customer was curious to know more about what we were doing in this area as they had only worked with Schloegel Design Remodel in the past.  My response was that we’re all the same, yet we’re different.

“Same yet different?” the customer asked.  Yes, we are all part of the Schloegel family of services, but Schloegel Property Solutions focuses on short-term projects (or what some people choose to label as “small projects”), Lifestyle Management, and Handyman Services for both your home and office.


“Lifestyle Management, what’s that?”  Great question and one we’re asked frequently!  Lifestyle Management is our way of making your home  “maintenance-free”  – at least for you!  Since all homes require maintenance, and therefore beg for a skilled maintenance provider, we do not believe in the “maintenance-free” nomenclature.  What we do believe is that we can be your skilled partner in maintenance for all things in and around your home, from the sump pump to the gable vents!

I told the customer that we constantly hear of people wanting to move into a maintenance-free community, however, they don’t want to give up some aspect of their home or their current living situation.  With Schloegel Lifestyle Management and our strategic partnerships, Schloegel Property Solutions can “own” your home’s maintenance through a detailed and thorough maintenance plan.  No longer will you have to work with multiple service providers for lawn-care, heating and cooling, painting, plumbing, and the like. Schloegel Property Solutions can be your single source provider for all these areas requiring maintenance.

“Won’t it cost more than me just handling this?”  We don’t know.  This depends on your values and what you want to do with your free time and scheduled home improvement projects.  What we can tell you is that you will have a single source of liability that has a proven track record in delivering quality and customer satisfaction.  Ultimately it is up to you to decide if our service will allow you to travel and live with less stress, knowing your home is in good hands, that your maintenance is being completed per manufacturers’ recommendations, and that all the annual & seasonal preventative maintenance items are being completed to ensure your home stays in great health!

I left that night, racing to get home to my 5 ½ month daughter and didn’t think much more about my conversation with our friend and client.  Later, the customer and I met at their home after we’d started the project and she told me “Hey, we’re no longer looking into ‘maintenance-free’ living.  We’re going to continue our search for a home that we love and want to be in.  Since you mentioned your Lifestyle Management services we are more comfortable staying in our home.”

I was happy we were able to assist our client with their project.  I was happier to know that, through our Lifestyle Management services, we were able to give her and her husband a better option for living.

A house is a house until you make it a home.  At Schloegel we know we work with HOMEowners who see the value in their home and know the importance of its continued maintenance.  We are glad for every opportunity we have to serve our customers.  Whether it is a whole house remodel, a kitchen or bath, a door replacement or a faucet replacement, we thank you for the chance to be your partner in home maintenance.