Belinder Avenue Kitchen & Laundry

Megan Bringman

While usually we’re huge advocates of a kitchen island that wasn’t true for this Mission Hills home. The island actually created a bottle neck in the kitchen traffic. A new layout better utilized the kitchen’s square footage including a previously unused wall in the dining room. Removing the island and adding a peninsula created better work zones and space to move between those zones. Beautiful white cabinetry, gold hardware, a backsplash taken to the ceiling, and a stunning matte quartz counter helped to create a stunning and timeless kitchen.

The laundry room was also very lacking in storage and became a catch all room. New upper and lower cabinets now line two walls in the room and include custom dog kennels. A rack hung between two upper cabinets is perfect for hanging freshly laundered clothes and the same counter top from the kitchen is carried through provided a surface for folding. The fantastic, whimsical wallpaper and green and white tile, checked floor inject the room with personality creating a happy space to do a mundane chore.