Bling Birdhouses – A Spin on Tradition

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Here’s a note from Donna Kirsopp, CKBR, Design Consultant

This past year as the holiday approached I wanted to give something from the heart to my family and friends. My father had become the primaryof birdhouses and built houses that replicated everything from a Georgia Mansion to a Log Cabin. These houses were so special that I have since been undertaking birdhouse restoration on some of the older ones.

With this in mind I thought I could honor the tradition my father started with my own spin on it. As luck would have it, one of my suppliers was in the process of discontinuing a line of glass so they had ample samples. Each house was inspired from accent tile pieces selected for doors windows and the gable ends of the roofs. With these pieces selected, I went about selecting the balance of the glass that would cover each house.

The understructure of the houses was a exterior composite material that will never rot. Of course I researched bird hole sizes, interior sizes and roof heights. They even have a removable trap door in the rear to clean out the nests annually.

As the holiday approached I could not wait to give them and carry on the tradition my father has started for us. The gifts were met with tears and hugs as my family understood the significance of the gift.  The only down side is that no one wants to put them out for a bird to live in, go figure!!