Brendan Wilson

Brendan has a passion for repairing and improving things with his hands. Though his wife jokes that he gets “demented,” Brendan prefers to call himself a “fiddler.” When he’s not spending time with the family, he fiddles with cleaning and fixing everything from small electronics to the family home.

Since studying political science at Mizzou, he’s taught himself repairs big and small and spent plenty of time in customer-facing positions. To provide every client a tailored personal experience, Brendan digs to understand what the customer wants and why. He asks questions and actively listens, then shares his findings with team members to help everyone to the same page.

Brendan has a wide range of talents. He can repair a dilapidated fence or easily replace a cell phone’s broken screen. He can relate to and converse with just about anyone and shares three young children with his wife since 2012.