Built-In Cabinetry With Elevated Design

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Last updated on October 27, 2022

Rather than storing their sheet music and book collections hidden away in cabinets and a dusty bookshelf in the corner of the office, and rather than keeping their smallest family pet on a window sill to be overlooked, this family of piano players wanted to give these items the visibility they deserved in an elegant front-room display.  They reached out to us and expressed their desire for a custom built-in shelving unit in their front sitting room.

He needed a work space that offers a change of scenery when he begins to feel confined in his office. The hallway connecting the sitting and living rooms had been occupied by a single furniture piece cabinet, and our clients knew the space could be better utilized.

Bookshelf wall before

Lindsay Brungardt worked to bring their wishes to life. The “hodge podge” of furniture pieces were replaced by bookshelves and a desk that provide greater function and create a space that looks like it was always intended to be an elegant piano room perfect for practicing or entertaining.

The Plan

The new built-in shelves and desk would be built on an empty wall in the front piano room and a pass through hallway. The trick was to make these shelves feel as though they’d always been part of the home.

Stunning Built-In Bookshelves

Built-in Cabinetry

Matching the trim color and continuing the design of the existing crown moulding, the bookcase looks like an original part of the room. The durable Statuary Classique quartz countertop adds character and movement to the piece while retaining the traditional feel of the rest of the house. Two symmetrical sets of open shelves sit on each side of a projecting center set flanked by column details.  The center shelves have a decorative valance to add additional design. Squared black hardware matches the piano,

Built-in Desk & Beverage Cooler

Custom Desk

Before this little pass through hall held a furniture piece and was an awkward afterthought.

The new built-in desk has everything one might need for an alternative work station or entertaining. Beadboard backing, under-cabinet lighting, and mail slots tie the piece together, creating an optimal space to focus on those quick work or home-related clerical tasks. The matching black beverage fridge grants easy access to a drink for a mid-afternoon boost or a cocktail to accompany the sounds of piano playing in the adjoining space.

Our clients love how the finished shelves feel like they’ve always been a part of their home and how they now have a place to store piano books, homework, books, and awards.

Looking to customize something in your home? Give us a call and speak with a Schloegel expert. We love helping you re-envision your home!