Can I Live Without a Hot Water Tank?

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Last updated on January 1, 1970


I’m just starting to think about options for moving and/or replacing my water heater. I’m fascinated with the idea of “tankless” systems. Is it really possible to have an entirely “tankless” house? Or must I still have a traditional water heater as well as the individually positioned “boosters” at each water point? I lived in China for a while and I did quite well without a central water heater and only a water heater for the shower. I live in an 800 square foot house now in the metro area with only one bath and the kitchen, plus washer and dryer. Being able to eliminate a hot water tank would not only free up some much needed floor space, but should be measurably more energy efficient. I look forward to your reply. Thank you,




Yes, you can live without a hot water tank.  It is being done in thousands of houses across the USA and abroad.  On the homes we have been involved with the installation of the tankless system, the homeowners seem to be very pleased with its performance.

Your size of home should work very well with a tankless water heater.

In large homes with multiple uses it may take more than one tankless heater to do the job.  However, with the size of home you have described, you shouldn’t have any problems.  Using several appliances at the same time, i.e. dishwasher and washing machine, while taking a shower, can push the tankless systems to the max.  The same would happen with most conventional water tank systems.

Gas fired heaters usually work best.  Make certain to work with a qualified plumber when having a tankless system installed.

Go to for a guide on the tankless hot water heaters.