Can I paint exterior white tile to restore its color?

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Last updated on January 1, 1970


Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder

I have a 41-year old villa in Puerto Vallarta, MX.  I have terraces that have white slick (at one time) tile on the edges.  Through the years the plants hanging off the wrought iron railing have dripped on the tile and turned it brown.  I would like to paint it and don’t know what to use.  It is totally exposed to the outside air/rain/wind.  But would look great if it was white again.  You can see it on our website;  It is the edge of the upstairs terraces.  Thank you very much, Barb

Barb, the pictures on the web site are beautiful.  Unfortunately I don’t have a paint product that I could recommend to paint over the tile.  Since the tiles were slick at one time, I assume they are ceramic; and since they are pool side, they are most likely usually wet.  This combination will lead to a nearly impossible scenario for paint longevity.  I would recommend replacing the tiles for a long last solution to the staining issue.