Chris Peterson Discusses the Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway on KC Live

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Chris Peterson stopped by KC Live to share a little more about our Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway with Crystle Lampitt. Schloegel’s Big Splash is a unique bathroom giveaway where we take nominations and choosing a recipient is the hardest part of the process. People can go to our website for more information about the giveaway. They can also learn about past recipients and how this bathroom has improved the quality of life for the child and their caregivers. Applicants may go to our website and fill out the form, it does need to be filled out by a caregiver by October 26.

Last Year’s Recipients

Chris also talked a little more about last year’s Big Splash recipients, the Coots family. They’re amazing people. Humble and modest and the mother, Jennifer, is an inspiration. The Coots have two children with special needs and she treats every day as a gift and they’re just wonderful people. Truly, we get as much out of this as they do.

Chrystle and Chris shared the before and after pictures. We moved the door and widened it to put a pocket door in. We also moved the tub to the right side of the bathroom and made it into a shower. The bathroom just wasn’t very usable, there was no space to get a wheelchair in and turned around and transferring in and out of the bathtub was a real challenge. A zero-entry shower with a lot more space and easier to transfer the boys into the space.

Ripple Effect Projects

The giveaway has grown each year and we also do several smaller projects throughout the years. After our initial year where we did one bathroom, we learned that so many families could benefit from small change that would make a huge improvement for them. So, we decided to take on several smaller projects such as widening a door or converting a tub to a shower. We call those Ripple Effect projects.

Last year we did two Ripple Effect projects where one turned into the entire bathroom. We have great participation from our subs and vendors, as well, that help out with these projects. Every year when we reach out to them they’re on board. So, it’s a great team effort.

Do you know a Kansas City family whose living routine for a child with special needs could be enhanced with a newly remodeled bathroom? Please visit our Big Splash nomination page and complete the entry form. We’re accepting nominations through Friday, October 26.

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