Chris Peterson Talks Remodeled Home Tour and Product Trends on KC Live

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

KC NARI Board President Chris Peterson was on KC Live on Friday, April 27 discussing the Remodeled Homes Tour as well as sharing some product trends we’re seeing in today.

Remodeled Home Tour

Chris shares that the Home Tour allows us to showcase our work. It also provides an opportunity to get out and talk to people one on one about remodeling and questions they may have about their home. This was NARI’s 21st Home Tour.

Product Trends

LVLT floors

Chris brought along a few examples of product trends we’re seeing within the industry. The first one is called LVT or luxury vinyl tile.  It’s a very versatile tile and while the price point is similar to tile the installation is much easier. Chris mentioned it’s a great option for DIYers as it’s so simple to install.


The second material Chris shared was ceramic and porcelain tiles. Tile used to be very standard and predominately came in square or rectangular shapes. Today tile comes in tons of offerings including geometric shapes and colors.





The third and final product trend Chris shared was a faucet in soft gold. Brass is back in style. It’s not the standard brass we saw in the 80’s and 90’s but different hues and finishes. We’re seeing everything from kitchens with all brass to mixing different metal finishes.

Why are people remodeling instead of moving?

It’s a seller’s market. Homes for sale are selling fast and its hard to find exactly what you want. People also have sentimental ties to their home. They build their homes and raise families there. Remodeling allows people to stay in their home with their memories but get exactly what they want. It creates a home they can live in for a long time.

Remodeling also allows people to Age in Place or stay in their home even longer. Things such as curbless showers have become popular.

Did you miss the Remodeling Home Tour this weekend? No problem, take a look at our galleries for inspiration on your next project.  Contact us to speak with a Schloegel expert.

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