Congratulations Simone!

Simone Porter, 2012 Big Splash recipient

Schloegel Design Remodel and the Love Fund for Children are thrilled to be working with Simone Porter and her family as the second annual Big Splash recipients. We worked with the Love Fund for Children to request nominations from area pastors, social workers, teachers and other child services professionals. We received seven applications from across the metro and visited three of the applicants’ homes. Our decision was not easy because we appreciate the needs that all of the applicant families have. We felt, in the end, that an accessible bathroom remodel will help the Porter family most because it will help Simone gain independence and also reduce physical strain on her parents.

Simone is a friendly girl with a positive outlook. She loves all the things that every other fourth grade girl does – like Selena Gomez – and enjoys any amount of independence she can gain. Simone has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair which does not fit into the family’s bathroom. Her parents walk or carry her into the bathroom. This is very hard on both Simone and them. Her parents must physically lift her into the bathtub and assist her with all of her daily living skills.

The Big Splash custom bathroom remodel that Schloegel and our sponsors will provide for the Porter family will help to give Simone a little more independence, allowing her to be more like other kids. Visit our Facebook album for pictures of the entire project.