Congratulations To Our 2013 Big Splash Recipient Families

Congratulations to our 2013 Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway recipients, the Bird Family and the Lewis Family!

Elizabeth Bird is an intuitive & fiercely independent little girl who doesn’t let a wheelchair hold her back. Though she lost the ability to use her legs when she was an infant, she is determined to do things just like other kids her age, at school & at home. Not having an accessible bath in her 100+ year old home, however, made it difficult for her & her family. We are excited to give her an accessible bathroom that will allow her to develop independence & confidence as she gets older.

Kelvon and his family

Elizabeth & the Schloegel Team

Kelvon Lewis is a bright-eyed young man who is a special blessing to those who know & care for him. He was born with a brain injury that left him with multiple neurological & musculoskeletal impairments. As Kelvon has gotten older & bigger, his mom is faced with the challenge of his growing needs & safety concerns. A contractor offered to work on making their downstairs bathroom accessible so Kelvon wouldn’t have to be carried up & down the stairs and so his equipment could all safely fit inside. Unfortunately after gutting it, the contractor was not heard from again. We were excited to finish this project for the family!