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Last updated on December 10, 2022

The safety of our clients and team during this time is our top priority. We have adjusted our business and construction practices to safely continue helping our clients improve their homes. We’ll continue to update our practices and processes as CDC guidelines change.

Office Guidelines

The majority of our office staff will continue to work from home until it is deemed safe for the office to be fully staffed

Client Meetings

  • If you’re calling Schloegel with a new project, rest assured, we’ll call you back quickly and ask questions to better understand your projects. From there we’ll put you in touch with a designer who best suits your needs.
  • Your first meeting with your designer will probably be virtual! This allows you to meet your designer and walk them through your project so they’re able to visualize your home and thoughts about what you would like to do.
  • If you are coming to our showroom to make selections we’re also taking every precaution to keep that space safe.

Showroom Guidelines

  • Only one designer and client may meet per day.
  • During the meeting, the designer and client(s) must maintain a distance of 6 ft apart, wear masks, and gloves at all times.
  • All samples must be wiped down and put away after the meeting.
  • Samples are not allowed to be checked out by the client. New samples may be ordered and delivered to a client’s home if they wish to see them in their space.
  • Wipe down all areas of the showroom following use including tables, chairs, technology components, light switches, and doorknobs.
  • All guests are to complete a questionnaire prior to their arrival and entry into the office. The questionnaire that will be used is the production questionnaire “Client Health Questionnaire”.

Social Distancing and General Rules

  • Currently, a maximum of 10 team members will be allowed at the office at once. There is a daily log of who comes in and out of the building will be placed at the passthrough from the receptionist office. All guests will be requested to sign in.  All personnel and guest are to arrive at the center door of the three entry doors at the west side of the building.
      • The majority of the team is working remotely and utilizing virtual communication technologies to hold meetings.
      • Our Project Managers will also be working remotely and on job sites rather than stationed in the office.
  • No sharing of computers, technology, tools, etc.
  • Deliveries will be received at the east shop door. Deliveries, including UPS, AMAZON, FEDEX, etc will be placed directly from the delivery person into the east shop.  This will be facilitated by the Facilities & Asset Manager.

Cleaning & Sanitization

  • Hand washing is required after eating, smoking drinking, blowing the nose, coughing, sneezing and in general often and thoroughly.
  • The office team will be cleaning and sanitizing all touchpoints in the office throughout the day.
  • Commonly used surfaces will be wiped down first thing in the morning and immediately before departure each day.

Worksite Guidelines

EVERY job site will have a sign outlining requirements & guidelines for the site and any individuals accessing the site. NO ONE is to enter if they’re experiencing any symptoms or have any illness. There are also steps to take if you believe you’ve been exposed.

Daily Screening & Logs

Screening Procedures which includes a daily survey concerning the existence or non-existence of COVID-19 symptoms. The survey will be filled out daily by all individuals accessing the job site through May 30, 2020.

  • Team Members
  • Trade Partners
  • Clients

The Lead Carpenter on each job site will document all entries and exits of the job site each day in a daily log.


Masks are mandatory if a task requires two people to be within 6 feet of each other and recommended any time that more than one person is on-site. Gloves are recommended when on-site. Eye protection is recommended when on-site.

Cleaning & Sanitization

There will be a designated hand cleaning area for everyone working on site. This will include hand sanitizer, an operable sink with soap, and other sanitation and cleanliness options. Hand washing is required after eating, smoking drinking, blowing the nose, coughing, sneezing, and in general often and thoroughly.

The Lead Carpenter on each job site will disinfect commonly touched surfaces upon arrival and immediately before departure each day. Lead carpenters will also disinfect work areas throughout the day.

Social Distancing and General Rules

All individuals on the sites will keep at least 6 feet between themselves and others unless a task requires another person to lift an object safely. The distance should be achieved as quickly as possible after the task is completed. Masks are required by both people in this situation. No more than two individuals are to work in a room at a given time. Schloegel will determine the number of workers allowed to work on a site on a case by case basis but no more than 10 individuals (including residents) will be allowed at the job site at one time.

No sharing of any tools.

No unauthorized job site visitors will be allowed and virtual meetings are recommended.

Deliveries are to be made to the exterior of the home.

All workers on the job site are discouraged from trips away from the job site during the day. All materials should be scheduled for delivery and supply runs should be made at the beginning or end of each day.

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