Selling Your House? 4 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal with Paint

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Selling your Kansas City home involves much more than hiring a realtor. When you look at your house, you see many fond memories with your friends and family, but visitors or homebuyers won’t see anything beyond worn exterior paint.

The way a home presents itself has much to do with the exterior appearance, which includes the quality of the paint and the care taken during its application. There are more ways than one to increase your home’s curb appeal with just paint. In fact, here are our top four ways to perform a quick home makeover with paint.

1. Refurbish Your Front Porch and Steps

The steps leading up to your home and the porch, where potential homebuyers and guests will linger, impact the overall impression of your home. Old steps can become worn and stained over the years, but by applying a fresh coat of paint, you can add new life to the front of your home.

2. Transform Your Trim

Give your home a facelift by focusing on the trim and other small elements that are often overlooked. Take a good look at the siding and trim around doors, window frames, or posts.

Start by replacing worn or cracked material on the trim of your home’s exterior. Trims and other details on the exterior of your home are often painted to contrast. Trim is usually a lighter color,  which means that these elements are also the first to show signs of weathering and fading. By removing chips, addressing imperfections, and adding a new coat of paint, you can freshen up the trim on your home. That is a significant improvement, and it’s one that homebuyers won’t miss.

3. Modernize Your Front Door

The front door is often the focal point of a home’s exterior, making it the perfect place to start enhancing your curb appeal!

Make sure you choose a color that isn’t so bold that it turns a buyer off. You can make a statement, but make sure it complements the rest of your exterior palette. Also, if you’re sticking with a previous color, give it one more coat. A clean look will do wonders for your first impression. It sets the tone and makes your home look well cared for and polished.

4. Renew Your Siding

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the biggest canvas on your home: the siding. Though some homes have brick, instead of classic siding, both materials can be painted to refresh worn, weathered paint or to completely modernize the home in order to appeal to homebuyers.

Take a look at other homes in your neighborhood and trends in exterior design. It’s also important to understand your prospective buyer. Would a buyer be interested in a modern aesthetic, or would they prefer something that’s cozier, with warmer tones to welcome them home?

Selling your home can be stressful. Let us focus on the facelift so that you can focus on other things. Simply call Schloegel Design Remodel at 816-656-3424 or contact us online.

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