Deck Receives a Low-Maintenance Makeover by Handyman Services

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Last updated on May 31, 2023

Our Handyman Services Team has been busy working on all types of exterior home projects as the weather continues to warm. This week, we wanted to highlight this recently completed martini deck in Leawood. This deck wasn’t exactly summer ready and our clients wanted a space they could comfortably enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or a summertime nightcap. With outdoor spaces, it’s important to consider your materials so you can get the most use out of your deck or patio without the hours of maintenance. Handymen, Montana Ralstin, Jim Clark, and Mark Garies provided these clients with a weatherproof solution to a very common problem.

The Deck Before

The deck before was showing years of wear, and our clients wanted a much more cohesive look compared to the split tile/wood finish it had before. All of the wood showed signs of rot, and it was beginning to sag, creating many trip hazards and debris traps. The tiled half of the deck was riddled with cracks that also collected debris, and it was difficult to keep looking nice. The cracking was causing water to leak into the room below.

The Finished Deck

The new deck features 24″ x 24″ Teak deck tiling, a material that naturally contains high amounts of oils and rubber that make it resistant to rot, fungus, and termite damage. Under the teak, we installed a synthetic rubber roofing membrane to ensure the house below stayed completely dry. Also included are all-new 36″ Westbury Tuscany handrails in a bronze finish. New solar lights were installed to give the space ambiance. Our clients love their new martini deck, and with all of these carefully selected materials, they can expect to spend many summers enjoying their new outdoor space!

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