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Last updated on December 9, 2022

For those of you who were able to tune in last week to Donna Kirsopp’s virtual workshop, Design Wow Factors Elements That Make a Room, I’m sure you’ll agree she did a fantastic job! If you missed it don’t worry, you can watch the video!
Why Choose Schloegel?

At Schloegel Design Remodel the message is in the name. We are not a contractor or remodeler we are a design firm. Our team consists of designers with vast knowledge styles, materials, and their application.

Our design process allows the client to experience all the options available to them, an education so to speak. Yes, the internet has everything known to man, but with SDR as your design partner, we can pair it down knowing the quality of a product, the proper application, and what could be problematic both now and in the future regarding maintenance and service.  We listen to how you want to use your space, what style you prefer, and also are sensitive to the style of home you live in.  We determine what is most important to you whether that be function, flow, and esthetics.  Of course, last but most important we can guide you as it relates to cost. That includes not only the cost of the material itself but added costs related to installation.  Donna often tells clients that I am your designer and your banker to help give you the look you want within the budget you are comfortable with.

The time spent in the design and selection process (4-8 weeks) allows you to determine what’s important to you.  This time and back and forth between concept and final design assure that your decisions are firm and you can find the wow that is unique to you.

What is Wow?

A wow factor, in design, is something that sets a room apart. It elevates the overall design. A wow factor doesn’t have to be something large, loud, or expensive. It can be as simple as a paint selection or something completely unique like a live edge wood counter. Wow, can be found in a floor plan, alternate functionality or design elements. Donna enjoys creating a wow factor in every project that is unique to the client.

Paint & Paper

Paper is coming back. You can stay with a basic palette in the tile and the cabinets and the wallpaper adds different colors and detail. Paint is the other way to go and its paint. You can always repaint. Donna tells people not to go to vanilla in design because if its good design it’ll stay good design. If it appeals to you it will appeal to other people. When it’s too neutral it’s not memorable and it doesn’t reflect you.

Power rooms are a great place to start playing with wallpaper. They’re small and don’t have a lot of traffic. So, if you’re scared of wallpaper start with the powder.

If you have a light space that is lit properly you can handle dark paint. Paint can really warm up a room and elevate the overall design.


Stone, Wood & Tile

Stone is making a resurgence, a lot of fireplaces with stacked stone. This one is actually a veneer stone and limestone mantle and corbels. The beam goes along with the rustic feel. The home is a more transitional style but those few elements pull things together.

Tile is the best. You can do so many different things and create so many different looks. A more contemporary fireplace in a larger format porcelain tile. A porcelain tile in a 12 x 24 is rectified tile meaning it is very true allowing you to maintain a very tight grout line.

The counter in this bathroom is the wow! It is a live edge countertop meaning it’s what the outside of the tree looks like. The simple onyx bowl allows the wood to stand out. So as soon as you open the door that is what you see.

Cabinets & Countertops

Don’t be afraid of color. White kitchens are popular but adding color can be the wow.


There are so many options out there with countertops out there. The quartz counter here has silver and goldstone to make it look like a river bed of multi-color stones. It has large, dramatic movement but creates a really cool impact.

Lighting Fixtures, Function & Entertainment

Wow can come from lighting fixtures or indirect lighting. You want lighting in different layers. You can light up different things at different times and everything should dim to create the right atmosphere for the occasion.

A room’s function can be the wow factor. This is a boutique closet that is open into the bedroom. It includes a seat, make-up area, and unique lighting.

A space made for entertaining is a wow factor of its own. This pergola was created in Italian Tuscan design. The wall of windows and doors at the back of the home along with the pergola’s design creates a wow entertaining space.

If you’re thinking about remodeling and not sure what your design style is join our next workshop on July 29 where Nina Schmidt will discuss Finding Your Design Style.


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