Designer’s Dream Kitchen Remodel – Week 3

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

This post is an update on an ongoing project. You can catch up on week one here and week two here.

Cabinets are being installed!
Cabinets are being installed!

With all of the dust and drywall dragging Debby down a little bit last week, the arrival of the new kitchen cabinets provided a much-needed shot of adrenaline. It’s finally nice to see the pieces starting to fall in place!

The biggest change came in the form of the center island, which is a huge improvement from the previous kitchen. The island is very nicely sized, and it makes everything about the space feel bigger. The wall removal from week 1 has made this possible.

Also Debby and Tom Moody, of Hinge Woodworks, are still putting the finishing touches on one of the focal points of the new kitchen, the range and hood. The Allmons are

Another angle of the cabinets and new window.
Another angle of the cabinets and new window.

eagerly anticipating their new range, and they want to make sure the hood is perfect.


The future home of a beautiful new range and hood!
The future home of a beautiful new range and hood!





There was also some work on the trim this week, as Schloegel’s primarycraftsmen worked hard to match the trim on the new dining room entry to the rest of the home.

Exciting stuff this week, but next week we start painting. Stay tuned for the latest update next week!

See what happens next! 

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