Do-It-Yourself Homeowner Gets a Little Support from Our Handyman

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Our Handyman recently helped complete siding repairs at this Prairie Village home.

The homeowner is a definite weekend warrior! He removed two windows to create a larger bedroom and bathroom, then sheathed the exterior, but was not able to get the waterproofing felt installed before the spring rains came. When this weekend warrior gets bogged down with other items he knows it’s time to call Schloegel.  Our Handyman technician Kirk was able to install the felt before the rains came and then continued siding in the rain to get this project complete.

Do you live in a shake shingle sided home?  If so, there are a couple of things to consider when making repairs. First, are the shingles machine or hand split?  Have the shingles been sandblasted? And finally, are the rows the same height across from windows/doors?  All of these are items our Handyman was able to address at this home, then corrected and made right!

Another weekend warrior satisfied!  We don’t have to complete your whole project, call us in for the items you don’t have the time for or those things that may be reaching the outer limits of your skill set.  Call our Handyman at (816) 361-9669 or email [email protected] .  Go ahead, call or email. Everyone’s doing it!

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