Making a Difference – Doug Drury’s Mission Trip

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

The Schloegel team is made up of awesome people and we’re excited to get to share a great story about one of them. Doug Drury, a Project Manager, takes an annual trip each summer. It’s not the kind of trip where he gets to relax and kick his feet up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Doug goes on an annual mission trip with his church’s youth group and utilizes his skills to help those less fortunate while passing a little knowledge onto our future generation.

This year the group which encompassed 5 students and 3 adults went to Cedar Grove, West Virginia. The church selects a camp each year out of the many GROUP Mission Trips offers. The Cedar Grove Camp had 450 participants this year.


Doug with his assigned team

The youth group headed out via a van and arrived in Cedar Grove on Sunday to find out their team and project assignments. They’re assigned to a team of 5 which includes members from all over the US. This is the part Doug really enjoys, “My favorite part is finding out who is going to be on my team and getting the opportunity to work with new students” and he adds, “getting the job done early.” Which he points out his team has done every year. We’re guessing his Schloegel experience gives his team a leg up.



Deck Repaired

The teams spend a week on their projects, Monday through Friday, and return home on Saturday. Doug’s team was assigned to build new steps and repair a deck which they completed by Tuesday. The 2nd half of their week was spent helping with exterior painting.


The mission trip shows the teenagers a different way of life than what they may be accustomed to and to appreciate what they have. They have the opportunity to meet with the homeowner and see how the changes impact their lives. It teaches them how important it is to give back and the rewards of hard work.

Doug with the homeowners


Way to go Doug! It may not be a glamorous vacation but it is a pretty awesome way to spend a week and make an impact on so many lives