Emily Robbins

Whatever she chooses to do, Emily likes to immerse herself entirely. She’s been a Certified Pool Operator; a MO/KS licensed Life, Accident, and Health Insurance Agent; a hospitality trainer, and has been offered a position as a Harley riding instructor for her zeal during her own course. For five years, she was co-owner/operator of an event venue operating out of old buildings on a charming farm in Tonganoxie, where she developed impressive skills in hospitality, maintenance and renovation, management, and more. Since starting with Schloegel, she has accepted any challenge and asked to learn whatever she can, taken all opportunities for leadership, and become a part of the family like she’s been here for years. 


She uses the same all-in approach with customers, treating them not like another customer who needs a job done, but as a person whose day she can brighten with her warm and positive demeanor. Focusing on building relationships, she facilitates understanding and appreciation by tailoring her communication to every client and situation. 


Though she spends much of her time on the laborious part of home beautification, she loves to decorate interior spaces, especially those she can outfit in her taste for antiques and bits of preserved nature. Growing up on a farm with many siblings contributed to her love for the outdoors. She takes every chance to spend time with her great fluffy dog; ride her motorcycle or one of her two horses; or set out on excursions to camp, kayak, fish, or otherwise enjoy nature.