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Last updated on January 1, 1970

1-older-senior-couple-lgnWhen you think about getting older, what do you imagine? For most, the dream is to be able to stay in the home you’ve spent so many years making memories in, to age in place. But according to a study from the Milken Institute, that’s just not possible for many aging Kansas City residents.

Of course, there are a number of factors that often force seniors out of the homes they love and into senior living facilities. But maybe the biggest among them is upkeep; owning a home requires work that can be physically demanding, and many over the age of 65 don’t have the capacity to perform even the most routine maintenance.

Luckily, we do. That’s why we created the Schloegel Home Maintenance Management service to create maintenance provided living in your own home. The service starts with a complete home inspection, and then we implement a customized property maintenance plan that protects the home – and the people that reside within. We even offer different packages that range from just a few simple services to full blown home maintenance management.

At Schloegel, we believe that mature adults provide leadership, personality and a unique perspective to our neighborhoods and communities, and we want to help make your golden years exactly like you have always imagined. So give us a call, and let’s talk about staying in your home for the long term.