June 17

Smart Remodeling Tips – Expert Kitchen Layout


Whether you’re hauling in groceries or cooking a family meal, layout is key to making your kitchen work for you. Watch Schloegel Design Remodel Designer Gayle Jagoda explain how using three key kitchen zones helps reduce stress and mess.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOBHD784VgE&w=560&h=315]

DSC_9169-2062x1376Refrigerator Zone

Ideally, the refrigerator is at an entry to the kitchen with counter space on either side or in front of it. This makes the zone perfect for loading and unloading groceries or grabbing food items for meal preparation. The refrigerator zone is a great area to store staples, canned goods, condiments and other dry goods you access daily.

DSC_4199-X3Sink Zone

This is the busiest zone of the kitchen and works best when it’s between the refrigerator and range zones. It’s important that the sink zone has the most uncluttered top space so you can use it for both food preparation and clean up after meals. Since the dishwasher is nearby, storing everyday flatware and glassware will make unloading and loading dishes a breeze. This area is also where keeping cleaning materials and trash makes the most sense.

DSC_9190-X3Range Zone

This zone, where cooking and food serving occurs, usually consists of a range or cooktop with wall ovens and a microwave nearby. Clean, uncluttered countertop space is essential alongside or directly across from the ovens and cooktop. Storing potholders, platters and serving bowls in this area add efficiency for final food preparation and presentation. Spices, pots, pans and cooking utensils are also important to have in this zone.

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