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Last updated on April 24, 2017

Our clients certainly say it best – listen to how our client describes her experience.

We met with Ron. He came here. He really spent probably at least an hour or more just talking about what we were looking for, what we were expecting, kind of a rough budget that we wanted to spend, et cetera. And what our lifestyle was. You know, he’s very personable. He really listens well. He never really tried to drive us in any specific way.

One thing that I thought of which really, really impressed me is every going into this, everybody told me, “Oh, your house is going to be dust from head to toe.” I kind of dreaded that, but I tell you what, there was minimal dust escape because before they started anything, everything got completely taped up with zipper doorways and entries and everything like that, very, very minimal dust. Which to me, that was amazing with what happened in here that that’s what it was. And they cleaned up every single day. They were here when they said they were going to be. They worked pretty much all day and everything was cleaned up before they left that day, which I haven’t heard a whole lot of people have that experience when they have a kitchen remodel.

We’ve got room that there can actually be two or three people working here in the kitchen. We could have never done that in our other kitchen. We had a family reunion here over Memorial Day weekend, and everybody was excited to see the kitchen because nobody had seen anything, and they just came in and they were awed.

And other people that we’ve had over for parties and that are just totally awed and say, “Wow, this is just really, really cool.”

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