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Last updated on September 22, 2023

Out in the Field with Handyman Don

Don Richeson
Schloegel Handyman, Don Richeson

We followed Handyman, Don Richeson, as he repaired some wood rot at an area home. These homeowners trust Schloegel Property Solutions to keep their investment in top condition!

At first glance this home seems to be just fine, but Don conducted a close inspection of the entire house and found several areas that needed attention. His expert eye will help these homeowners prevent more wood rot and keep the house in great shape. This type of preventative work keeps your overall exterior paint job lasting longer and saves you money over time.


Meet Don.

See more before and after photos from this project.


wood rot repair
This sill, located in a wet area, seemed to fail regularly.
wood rot repaired
Schloegel Handyman Services addressed the issue with alternative materials.