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Last updated on January 15, 2021

08If you live in Kansas City and need to do kitchen remodeling, whole house remodeling or just need a handyman to help out with a few tasks, Schloegel Design Remodel has what you’re looking for.

In this post, we’ll cover some basics on choosing furniture for your home – both with comfort and aesthetics in mind.

Here are some practical tips on choosing furnishings for each room in your home:

  1. How to Choose Kitchen Furnishings

Cabinets can be a major expense in kitchen redesigns, so it’s important to choose ones you’ll be happy with for a long time. Wooden cabinets are more traditional and come with many choices such as louvers, an inset look or a distressed option for those who love an antique feel. For those looking for something more modern, choices such as flat, simple cabinetry or glass, sliding cabinets are both great picks, too.

Conclusion: When choosing new cabinets for your kitchen, pick styles and materials that won’t date your space or bore you.

  1. How to Redesign Your Bedroom

Perhaps the most important furniture decision you’ll make is in the bedroom, where people spend quite a bit of their time. Scientists estimate we sleep nearly a third of our lives – if this is true, having a sleep space that encourages restful slumber is essential. For bedroom redesign, consider choosing your bed first. From the size to the bedding patterns, this will dictate much of what happens with the rest of the room, be it a platform, poster or sleigh bed. Choose a nightstand that is both aesthetically appealing and functional; somewhere you can put your reading glasses and a carafe of water – as well as choosing a piece of furniture in which you can reach the drawers comfortably. Measure your bed so that you can choose a nightstand that’s the appropriate height. Using your bed as the guide for the rest of the room, you can choose an armoire or chest of drawers that’s the right size for your clothing, but one that doesn’t leave the room feeling cluttered or overcrowded.

Conclusion: Bedrooms can be both beautiful and sensible, allowing you to get better sleep in a relaxing environment. Choose your bed first and build your bedroom around it.

  1. Bathrooms: Pretty and Practical Options for Redesign

Bathroom spaces often double as storage spaces, so again, let’s look at cabinetry. Open shelving is a nice choice for those who may want to quickly reach for a fresh towel or store items they want at hand while getting ready in the morning. Insubstantial, wall-mounted medicine cabinets are giving way to newer designs that include vanity lighting and more space, while also being hidden in clever ways.

Conclusion: With better design options to choose from and a little careful planning on your part, bathrooms can be both pretty and practical spaces in your home.

  1. Your Living Room: Making A Space You’ll Want to Live In

The best living rooms are ones that allow us to do just that: live. Picking structure that isn’t cold and austere like a museum display is imperative, but choosing an aesthetically pleasing design that allows us to move in closer together is central to design, too. Think about pieces that are easy to move and rearrange to suit the needs of those in the space; a versatile, moveable couch can be a good choice for encouraging conversation at a party when the pieces face each other or are next to one another. Look to your tactile side first and think about cozy fabrics for couches, chairs and ottomans. Cotton is a popular choice, as are wool and leather. As a living room tends to host families and guests, also consider sturdiness and stain resistance in choosing a fabric. Coffee tables with hidden trunk features are nice choices for holding board games, movies or sofa throws.

Conclusion: Living rooms are meant to be enjoyable spaces where people can gather together. By choosing versatile, comfortable pieces and color schemes, you’ll relish spending time in the heart of your home.

  1. Maximizing Space in the Dining Room

DSC_9914The dining table tends to be the center of the dining room, but you’ll want to choose a piece that allows maximal guest seating as well as movement around the table and the room itself. Round tables suit small spaces well, while larger spaces can benefit from choosing a large, rectangular piece. Choosing items like benches in lieu of traditional chairs can help save space, as well.

Conclusion: Thinking about both guest seating and space will help you negotiate the best table size and shape for your dining room.

From kitchen remodels in Kansas City to bathroom redesigns that will increase the resale value of your home, Schloegel Design Remodel has an award-winning group of designers and craftsmen waiting to help you showcase the beauty of your living space. Contact us today to see what we can do for your home.

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