Gerard Algie

Growing up with a dad who’s a general contractor, Gerard has had his hands in the trades from a young age. He’s gained experience in flooring, painting, plumbing, electrical, and rough and finish carpentry. He once helped build a trash chute from a third story, over a sidewalk, into a custom twenty-four by twenty-four dumpster. During demo on a different project, he found a 1920s “miracle” spring water billboard that was then repurposed as a door.

To build rapport with clients, Gerard takes note of their personal interests (music, sports, cars) and establishes a connection through mutual appreciation. He prioritizes clear and regular communication and does his best to respect clients’ time and property. When a problem in production requires creative problem-solving, Gerard is enthusiastic in brainstorming solutions with his coworkers.

Gerard has traveled throughout Europe and gained proficiency in French. He also has some proficiency in most stringed instruments and solid skills in guitar, viola, mandolin, and bass. He spends his free time listening to and playing music, hanging out with friends, working on cars, and working on personal side projects and fabrications.