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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Jake Schloegel knows just about everything there is to know about remodeling older homes in Kansas City.

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Here’s an excerpt from a recent question Jake answered on window staining:

Rhonda asks:

Jake, I have a dilemma.

I currently have stained trimwork throughout my house. I didn’t care for the look initially, but I painted the walls warm colors that compliment the trim. I now really like the look. The problem is I need replacement windows. I cannot find a window within my price range that looks good with the stained trimwork. I am considering painting the trim white to patch the white replacement windows. I am worried that I will regret the choice.

What is your advice?

Jake says:


There are replacement windows made of fiberglass that may work for you.  These can be stained to match most décor.   Check them out at

If you decide you have to stay with the white vinyl window because of price, I would go ahead and paint the trim white.   You can always try one of the white vinyl replacement windows in a less noticeable space, like a bathroom or laundry room.  Install it and paint the trim, step back and see how you like it.  Of if you don’t want to try the new window, paint one of your existing windows and see how you like it.

Vinyl is one the least costly ways to replace windows.