Getting Inspiration for Your Next Paint Project

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

You know you want to revamp your home, but you’re not sure exactly what to do. Does that sound familiar? Before you can call up professional painting services, you need some inspiration for your home redesign, and we’re here to help!

Use a Paint Visualizer

It’s hard to imagine how an entire room will look by looking at a color swatch on your wall. A paint visualizer can help you play around with colors, to see if there’s something new you’d like to try for your home.

One example is the paint visualizer by Glidden, which gives you the option to upload a photo of your room or select a generic photo of a living room, bedroom, dining room, and many other rooms. Then, you can add in any of their various paint colors to see how it might look on your walls.

Consider Paint Trends for the Year

If you’ve found yourself in the paint section of your local Kansas City hardware store, overwhelmed by paint swatches, you may want to consider looking into current paint trends as a starting point.

Top color trends for 2019 include natural tones, coral and citrus colors, and “digitally inspired” hues, to name a few. Though these colors are “trendy,” don’t worry about them going out of style. Many current 2019 trends are twists on timeless choices.

Consider Patterns and Accent Walls

Think beyond the plain solid colors that are standard in every home and consider adding a patterned or accent wall to your interior decorating scheme. Though it may be bold, paint is never permanent, making it the perfect medium to experiment with. Some examples of accent walls in The Spruce’s 16 Living Rooms With Accent Walls include saturated oranges against stark white and a single geometric-patterned wall.

Peruse Pinterest

A great way to see a variety of different ideas is by simply browsing through home decor articles on Pinterest. Search for terms like “home paint ideas,” or even more broadly with “interior decorating ideas,” leaving you with countless articles and galleries to dig into.

You will likely also find inspiration from home decor media outlets like Elle Decor, HGTV, Real Simple, and Good Housekeeping.

Decide on the Room’s Mood

This step involves taking a look at how you want to feel when you enter the room. Do you want your living room to feel warm and friendly? Would you rather your bedroom be relaxing or charming? By using your answers as a foundation for color choices, you can begin to feel inspired and narrow down the types of paint that would be appropriate for the space.

With the help of Schloegel Design Remodel’s paint services team, you can bring your remodeling plans to life! Contact us to learn more about our complete painting services—simply call (816) 448-8157 or reach us online.

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