Goodbye Whirlpool Tub, Hello Luxury Shower

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

A luxurious bathroom built in the 1980’s or 1990’s had to have a whirlpool tub. It was some sort of unwritten requirement. Fast forward to 2018, those same highly sought-after tubs are often an unused fixture, taking up precious space in bathrooms and homeowners cannot wait to get them out and reclaim the space. Does that sound familiar? That was definitely the case in this Overland Park primarybathroom. The home was built in 1987 and the whirlpool tub certainly took a bulk of the primarybathroom’s space. The shower was small and the room was short on storage. They were ready for an update and high hopes of a luxury shower.

Vanity 1 Vanity 2









The homeowners contacted us and were put in touch with Kelly Summers. Right away they started collaborating and focused their search and design on modern bathrooms. The homeowners expressed their desire to have a shower which could help with the aches and pains associated with arthritis and ensure the shower was accessible as they aged. It wasn’t just an important requirement it was at the top of their list.

A New Design

Putting their two heads together Kelly and Ron Webster saw the bathroom and immediately knew they could improve the layout and functionality while adding a larger shower. The existing shower would become a linen closet. The tub area would now be a luxury steam shower, both easily accessible and an excellent focal point. The water closet would remain to the right of the shower.








With the new layout decided the logistics came next. What may appear to be easy changes were actually quite challenging. A zero-entry shower requires the floor slope to the drain to ensure the water doesn’t flood the bathroom. The design for this particular shower had a linear drain and installing the plumbing to support it wasn’t at as straightforward as the team originally thought. But alas, the Schloegel team found a solution! They pitched the pan downwards from the doorway to the bench and the drain was moved to run in front of the shower bench.

Design Selections

The homeowners and Kelly selected porcelain tiles in light gray which look like stone for the floor. The shower floor used the same tile and the shower walls had a slightly darker porcelain tile with a linear pattern. The overall effect is modern and seamless. The bench seat showcases the same quartz as the vanity counters. The beautiful Euro glass doors add to the modern look and keep the space open. The transom at the top of the shower is a great addition as it allows the shower to act as a steam shower but can easily be moved to let the steam escape.

The previous bathroom layout did not take advantage of the square footage available in the bathroom. Kelly’s new design included floating vanities and took advantage of all the space. In fact, they new were able to add a concealed double laundry hamper and a tall storage cabinet. The floating vanities are a warm, reconstituted walnut a great contrast to the cool tile. The Gray Lagoon Q quartz was the perfect compliment for the vanities. The Possini light fixtures are just the right modern touch and provide plenty of light for getting ready.

The Moen 90° plumbing fixtures continued the square modern symmetry, finished in satin nickel to add a little sparkle but without showing water spots.

The bathroom is sumptuous with its digital steam shower and audio system but also practical as it’s zero-entry with a built-in bench. The homeowners love their new luxury shower and know they’ll be able to use it for years to come.

Does your bathroom need an updated? Give us a call to talk to a Schloegel expert.