Your Questions Answered – Should I Add on to My Home?

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Many homeowners love their home and don’t want to leave it, even though they are in need of more space. They are ready for modern conveniences such as a primarysuite or gourmet kitchen in their older homes. This begs the question, “Should I add on to my home?”

Megan, a Schloegel Design Remodel’s Designer discusses how making the decision to add on to your home can be tough, as expanding your home’s existing footprint is costly. She says there are many situations where it does make great sense.

There are several questions, once answered, which may help you make this decision.

  • What are we getting? Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common home additions and also the two rooms that are used the most.
  • How big is the addition?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • Do we have the space? Each city has its own requirements with regards to variance and set back. It is important to know whether the addition you are wanting fits within these specifications and if you have space within your property.

Are you interested in adding on to your home? Contact a Schloegel expert today to learn more! 

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