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Last updated on January 1, 1970

kitchenHere at Schloegel Design Remodel, we love helping you transform your home into a beautiful, comforting retreat that stylishly reflects your personality and fits perfectly with your lifestyle. If you are considering doing some home remodeling in 2011, check out this trend forecast for the coming year, from The State. Here are a couple of highlights:

Flooring– One of the top trends is expected to be a return to lighter flooring. While espresso and mocha woods have been popular over the last few years, designers are expecting a return to lighter flooring options.

Kitchens–  The trend in recent years has been for kitchens to look like Old-World relics, with lots of dark wood and wrought iron, but the tide is beginning to change. The article quotes one designer, Vicente Wolf, who says

A kitchen shouldn’t look like it’s more than 150 years old when your home isn’t…There’s fakery to it, and dark cabinets can be depressing. A kitchen is like an operating room: You want it to be clear and bright so you can see all the details.

So, it seems that in 2011 the pendulum is swinging back towards lighter, airier spaces, like this gorgeous, sunny kitchen we created here at Schloegel Design Remodel. The lighter wood floors, crisp white cabinets, and streamlined elegance are on trend while maintaining a classic ambiance.

What design trends from the article would you like to incorporate into your home? Call SDR today to make your home remodeling dreams a reality!