How can I keep earwig bugs out of my basement drain?

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Last updated on January 1, 1970


Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder

Basement drains… So recently I fixed the humidity problem in my basement by getting a dehumidifier. I ran a hose from the dehumidifier to the drain. How can I still allow the drain to function but yet keep the earwigs and centipedes from crawling out of the drain? I thought taping a screen over the drain would work but the coating on the floor doesn’t allow me to adhere the screen to the floor.  Any suggestions? I still want the drain to drain… just keep the insects in the drain and not on my floor.




When you say you are wanting to keep earwigs out of your basement, I’m not sure which kind you are referring to.  I assume you are referring to the one pictured on the right below.

I would take a regular insect screen, lay it over the drain cover and over cut it by 6” all the way around the drain.  Do the same with some ¼” hardware cloth.  Notch the drain cover to allow the humidifier drain pipe to penetrate the cover which will allow the cover to lay flat into the drain bowl.   Use light weight wire, which you can purchase at the hardware store, and use this wire at four locations around the perimeter of the drain to secure the screen and hardware cloth to the drain cover.  After all this is completed, then place the humidifier drain line into the notch.

Hopefully, this will keep both kinds of earwigs from entering your home.