January 1, 1970

Hi Jake,

I just looked at a townhouse I would like to buy but…. the stairs are horrible to the second floor straight up and need to be redone. I think it’s worth the investment but have no idea where to start, who to call, or what that calls. Right now its just wood slats that I think are an accident waiting to happen. I want a real staircase with a resting somewhere in mid-flight as I have an older mother who needs to rest somewhere in between. Can that even be done?


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Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder


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A staircase can be modified so the risers, that part of the stairs that are vertical, can be enclosed.  Today’s building code would require the stair risers to be enclosed.  The spindles and hand rails can also be changed to come up with a completely different look.  Check out http://www.coffmanstairs.com/idea-gallery/ for some ideas on what a staircase can look like.

As far as adding a landing midway, that could be pretty difficult to accomplish.  It all depends on what kind of floor space and overhead room you have to allow for these type of modifications.


For professional help, contact a remodeling contractor that is a member of NARI.  You can search for NARI members in your area at www.nari.org.  Click on the “Find a Professional Remodeler” box in the upper center of the home page.

Good luck.