How to blend in concrete slab into hardwoods

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Last updated on January 1, 1970


I have a concrete hearth- left over from a fireplace that is now gone -enclosed in the wall by the former owners of the house back in the 70’s. Opening the wall is not an option, the flooring is refinished oak – how can blend this concrete in and incorporate it with my now beautiful old oak refinished floors? This slab had been hidden by the old carpet.

– Debra


The concrete hearth is probably around 4″ thick.  The only option I can think of is to remove the hearth and install oak flooring.  A good hardwood flooring company can lace in the floor.  If you are refinishing the entire floor, the new flooring should blend in very nicely.

I think anything else you try, will look like an out of place patch.

Good luck,